Sources of Flyash


72% of India's power plants are coal based. These power stations generate nearly 40 million tones of flyash annually. Flyash causes severe pollution of air and water, and its disposal gobbles up large tracts of land. The twofold aim is to utilize bulk quantities of flyash and help bridge the huge shortfall of bricks and other building materials required by the constantly rising construction activity.

Advantages of flyash bricks

  1. Several load bearing grades.
  2. Savings in mortar, plastering.
  3. Smart looking brickwork.
  4. Larger brick sizes can significantly speedup the construction process.
  5. They are good in heat insulation.

Stabilized Mud Blocks

Stabilized mud blocks can be used in place of burnt bricks for masonry works. It is an energy
efficient method in which soil is mixed with a small percentage
of cement and pressed in hand operated machines and cured
well. These bricks are stronger than normal burnt bricks and
are good for heat insulation. Masonry from stabilized mud
blocks do-not require plastering on both sides of the wall.
The cost of construction using these blocks is lesser than
the conventional methods of construction. Stabilize mud
blocks are aesthetically pleasing age beautifully over time.

Excellent Handling & Safety
The form work used are light-weight and easy to assemble, thus enabling fast and safe construction.

Desired Finish Achieved
Smooth finish is achieved using these from-works, hence saving cost on further finishing such as plastering.

Concealed Building Services
Building services such as plumbing sewage and electrical can be easily laid concealed within the form-work.

Speedy Construction
Enhanced construction speed due to ease in assembly, dismantlement & transportation.



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